How to Install?

pyJASPAR is available on PyPi, through Bioconda, and source code available on GitHub. If you already have a working installation of Python, the easiest way to install the required Python modules is by installing pyJASPAR using pip.

If you’re setting up Python for the first time, we recommend to install it using the Conda or Miniconda Python distribution. This comes with several helpful scientific and data processing libraries, and available for platforms including Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

You can use one of the following ways to install pyJASPAR.

Install uisng Conda

We highly recommend to install pyJASPAR using Conda, this will take care of the dependencies. If you already have Conda or Miniconda installed, go ahead and use the below command.

conda install -c bioconda pyjaspar


This will install all the dependencies and you are ready to use pyJASPAR.

Install using pip

You can install pyJASPAR from PyPi using pip.

pip install pyjaspar


Make sure you’re using python v3.6 or latest.

Install from source

You can install a development version by using git from our GitHub repository at

git clone
cd pyjaspar
python sdist install